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The Joy of Arthroblogging

One of the three images graphically depicting Morgan Jackson's phylogenetic analysis of arthroblogs.

Individuals who blog regarding arthropods are a varying lot. Passion for the animals, the challenge of capturing their images, and sharing of observations and discoveries are commonplace. The consistent humor and creativity shown by arthrobloggers has really made my entry into this community a pleasure. Over the past week three posts have really reflected the creativity and passion that permeates arthroblogging.

Alex Wild’s posting contradicting one of E O Wilson’s ant observation statements is a pleasure to read. It’s a clever entry that is written with a joy, respect and humor rarely encountered in any writing, blog or otherwise.

Morgan Jackson followed this with his tongue-in-cheek analysis of arthropod blogs using phylogenetic analysis tools. Nothing I write here can be nearly as clever as this project, so I’m simply linking to it. ‘Nuf said. Take a look at it if you haven’t done so already. It’s worth your while. I promise.

Finally, Ted MacRae shares the ongoing joy of rearing two Cylindera celeripes (swift tiger beetle) larvae. Nobody has ever reared this species, or even seen its larvae before. As usual, his writing style is thorough and engaging, plus he’s game to videotape some of the behaviors he observes. Can’t beat that!

I’m not sure of the path my blog will follow, but I have to say that entry into this world has been pretty delightful!

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